What's with the weird product names?
Everything in the shop is named after a notable element or area in Pittsburgh. I firmly believe this is the greatest city on the planet and it's ethos plays a large role in my creative process.

Can I get something with a different thread color or type of leather?
Sure! I love working directly with clients to realize their vision and make something truly unique. Shoot me an email and let's talk.

What's on your turntable at the moment?
I'm really digging the new Beach Slang record. It feels so natural, like it's always been there. Familiar but completely original. I want my work to feel that way.

How long will it take to receive my order?
I'm a 100% independent one-man operation, so I can't afford to keep a lot of inventory on hand. I craft each order by hand as they come in, so please allow 1-3 days for production and a few more after that for shipping.